When this family contacted me about photographing a 90th birthday party, I was thrilled. What an incredible birthday. And when I met the birthday girl, I just couldn’t believe my eyes! Doesn’t she look amazing?

We took a lot of group photos – but my favorites have to be the photos she took with her great grandchildren. I love that her joy and pride show so very clearly in these photos.

We also took time to grab some individual shots of the little ones at the party. This one, in particular, really warmed my heart. He was quite shy and didn’t really want to be in front of my camera. So I put on my sneaky mode and I’m so glad I did – I love this image!

Another photo on the wish list? The entire group of friends and family who had come together to celebrate this momentous 90th birthday! I was a little nervous with this many people looking at me, but I love that the birthday girl is surrounded all of her loved ones.

After the big group photos, I also offered to take portraits of the individual families as well.

It was a lovely day and I appreciated being a part of it.

Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a portrait session or would like to have an event photographer at your next gathering.

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